Ear Candling

Ear Candles
Ear Candles

Ear Candling is an ancient remedy for removing toxins and excess wax from the ear canal. It has been used for centuries with the American Indians (the Hopi people in particular), Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians.

Today it is seeing a revival and in use all over Europe and in America, Australia and New Zealand.

Ear Candling - Bega - Merimbula
Ear Candling

Traditionally Ear Candling was used to cleanse and harmonize the different energy fields of the individual (aura) in preparing for rituals and ceremonies with respect to driving out negative energies and creating a meditative state.

Sound a bit ‘airy fairy? So it might, but science, religion and healing have only been separated just over a hundred years!

The procedure is completely safe, gentle and pain free technique.

Ear Candling gently warms the air in the ear to create a vacuum to draw the wax, debris and any toxins out of the ear canal and Eustachian tubes without syringing and without force.

Ear Candling is an excellent alternative for children’s ear problems.

Everyone responds differently to the treatment, while some chat away constantly others promptly fall into a deep and restful sleep. Hence it can be very effective treatment for stress or anxiety.

* the candles Trish Howard ND uses are handmade on the Central Coast of Australia.

Ear Ailments

Ear Candling can be very beneficial for a variety of ailments. Some of these include:

  • Excessive wax build up
  • Fungal infections, parasites, including Candida
  • Sinus pain and irritation (sinusitis, rhinitis)
  • Colds and other head congestions
  • Some sore throats and congestion
  • Toxins, including toxic residue from medications
  • Some allergies
  • Glue ear, swimmers ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Foggy head
  • Vertigo, other inner ear problems
  • Migraines, headaches
  • Some hearing impairments
  • Relief of ‘stuck pressure’ after flying, diving
  • TMJ pain