Science Has Finally Validated ‘Leaky Gut’

We Naturopaths have been talking about leaky gut for years and yet science has now only just scientifically verified  that ‘leaky gut’ and ‘dysbiosis’ does indeed exist.

It may be a little more complex (science likes to do this!) than the way we have previously thought about it yet our treatment protocols remain valid.

Here at the Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre we have several tests in order to determine your level of leakiness of the gut and the degree of dysbiosis (which is the balance of good to bad bacteria in the colon).

Call now to book your Testing Consultaion – mention this and recieve the dysbiosis test for free (save $37).

Yours in health and healing, Trish

PS   How do you know if you have leaky gut? Have you any of these symptoms:

  • bloating
  • undigeseted food in poo
  • food sensitivities
  • gastroenteritis
  • gut pain, ulcers
  • blood and/or mucus in the poo
  • family history of coeliac disease, autoimmunity
  • constipation, diarrhoea
  • stress, anxiety, depression