I just wanted to say thank you for looking after my neck last week – it made such an incredible difference, and hasn’t returned at all since you used your “magic hands” on me! I really want to say thanks for the insights you offered me as to the cause of the pain as well as the treatment, they were invaluable to me on a number of levels to me and put my close relationships into greater context during a difficult time. I will be highly recommending your services to anyone and everyone from now on!!

Kind regards Adam Gibson CEO and Head Coach


After being to numerous doctors and specialists all over the state and interstate and being treated and tested for a variety of diseases and syndromes over a 10 month period I was still no better and suffering greatly from a persistent sore throat that was ruining my health and lifstyle. I went to see Trish at Sapphire Coast Naturopathic Clinic who got me to do the Bio Compatibility test. The test revealed that out of the 300 products I was allergic to 45 and I immediately excluded these from my diet. Within two weeks my throat had improved remarkably and after 6 weeks it was completely cured. It’s been twelve months since I had the test done and if ever I touch any of the products on the list, I find that my throat gets sore again. I would thoroughly recommend Trish and her Clinic to anyone who suffers from allergies or wants to improve their wellness and lifestyle.

Pat Barnard, Merimbula NSW


Dear Trish

I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me regain my enthusiasm for life. As you know when I first came to see you I felt flat and unmotivated. You are a good listener, easy to talk to , encouraging and non judgemental. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I find visting you to be extremely motivating. Your explanations are clear and you have an ability to make one feel relaxed. Our bodies are remarkable. It is exciting to be able to balance our metabolism in a natural way, treating the cause of any imbalances before disease sets in and without the need for symptom only treating drugs. Thank you. I do encourage anyone to consult with you.

Most sincerely

Jo Oastler, Tantawangalo NSW


I had reached a point in my life with my health, where I wanted to finally get well. I was sick of feeling not quite 100%. I was 32, a new Mum and just generally felt rundown. I suffered from itchy skin and digestive problems and I felt tired most of the time. I’d been to numerous doctors and on every occasion I spent more time in the waiting room than I did in consultation only to come out with a “band aid”, a prescription for a cream or a pill that would mask my symptoms, not improve my health. I knew I needed to try something different so I contacted Trish at Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre and made my first appointment. The first thing I noticed was that Trish listened and genuinely cared about what I was saying. She saw me as a whole person who wanted to feel well. Trish worked with me, made changes to my diet, suggested herbs and vitamins among other things and within 3 months I felt like a new person. My health was Trish’s No 1 priority. Thank you, Trish for helping me regain my health and vitality.

Gabbie Stroud, Tura Beach NSW


I originally approached the Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre as I had suffered from heartburn and reflux for approximately 10 years prior and basically just not feeling myself.

I had always led an active lifestyle, never had any serious medical problems and considered myself quite healthy, however within the last two year period I had noticed that I was constantly feeling fatigued with low energy levels, aching muscles, short attention span, dry skin, unexplained weight gain and low temperatures.

After many visits to  different medical practitioners, I was still left with no actual explanation as to why I felt the way I did and so convinced myself that it was just “my age catching up with me”.

My ongoing treatment for reflux was to take prescribed medication on a daily basis which I had never been happy with, so I made the decision to look at natural remedies and contacted the Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre in Merimbula.

The initial contact with Trish Howard ND was conducted in a very professional manner and after several in depth discussions regarding my past medical history, current symptoms, and other tests, it was concluded that I was suffering from hypothyroidism or low thyroid.

Trish then prescribed several different treatments which also included managing my reflux problem and the results were almost instantaneous.

My experience with the Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre and staff has been very positive and rewarding and I would recommend with confidence.

Yours Truly,

Rhonda White


After realising that the mainstream medical profession couldn’t help with what ailed me I decided to take a punt on a Naturopath. I admit I was sceptical but I also thought if anyone could help me it was a good place to start.

Trish Howard was the obvious choice because she worked in my town and was easy to reach. I must admit also that I had become increasingly dubious of the medical profession’s ability to cure my complaint because all they seem capable of doing is throwing pills at you or passing you onto someone else. The pills they give have horrendous side effects and after reading of so many deaths caused by a mix of prescription drugs I was convinced that I was heading in the right direction.

I suffered from depression, which was aggravated by the fact that in 2006 I went deaf. I later received a cochlear implant. Whilst testing to see if I was a suitable candidate for this procedure an aneurysm was found and eventually fixed causing yet more problems: pain behind the eye and transient paralysis. I also suffered from low iron levels, which compounded my feelings of lethargy. I had suffered from a sluggish bowel for years. I had at times gone without a bowel movement for up to fourteen days and when ever I mentioned this to my GP he simply said eat more fruit and vegetables. I could eat more fruit and vegetables, which would result in normal people running to the loo with diarrhoea but with me it made little difference.

So with this list of complaints I made an appointment to see Trish. Best move I ever made.

Today I can honestly say Trish has changed my life completely. It has taken a year and a half but it’s so worth it.

Early after going to see Trish she suggested having a hair test. She explained what was involved but I was sceptical so I said I’d think about it. I did take the hair test. It was radical and sometimes difficult but after a short time it wasn’t that much trouble, just a period of adjustment.

My depression became a thing of the past. When something bad happens, I cope, I deal with it, I get on with life. I can cope with everything so much easier even my hearing loss. I can actually enjoy life instead of just existing.

After a recent blood test my GP informed me that my iron levels were an acceptable level. Amazing!

Trish suggested going to a chiropractor for my eye pain and transient paralysis. I started going to Leon Moodie  and I still go every 6 weeks. He has done wonders for me.

My bowels are working nearly every day. I am amazed but so happy.

I could fill pages with the things that have improved in my life and the person I need to thank for that is Trish Howard.



I have been receiving treatment from Trish Howard now for approximately 6 weeks for a shoulder problem, this problem first arose late 2010 as a very minor ache in my upper arm, which at the time I gave no thought to this being of any significance. As time progressed the mobility and functionality of my shoulder began to lessen and the discomfort of the pain began to increase, to the point that I was having trouble sleeping, showering, dressing and doing many other daily functions.

I can not recall exactly it was that my wife mentioned my problem to a work friend of hers that the friend said that some time ago she had a similar problem with her shoulder, so I gave this lady a ring and compared my symptoms with what she had had and they were exactly the same as mine. I asked her what she had done to have this problem corrected and she advised me that she had visited Trish Howard, a Naturopath in Merimbula and that Trish had healed her problem.

At this stage, me not being a fan of alternative medicine thought there is no way, so I made an appointment with my regular doctor, to be told to take some anti inflammatory pills, if that did not work then he would arrange for a C.T. scan and if necessary then he would inject me with cortisone to relieve the pain.

It was about  this time that my wife and I had dinner with our best friends and my mate noticed that I was having some discomfort with my arm and shoulder and he commented that some years ago he had had a similar problem with his shoulder with the same signs and symptoms that I was having and that he too had seen Trish Howard and that she had successfully treated him.

I therefore made an appointment to see Trish Howard and I will say at this stage that I was not very confident of any success because of my negative and sceptical ideas of this type of medicine.

I have now seen Trish on three different occasions and right from the very first appointment I have had improvement after every visit, and the remedial massaging that she practices is both healing and relaxing and I now look forward to my visits, and the improvement with my shoulder has been incredible. When I first visited Trish I could not raise my arm horizontally away from my side any further than about 400mm and that was with a great deal of pain, I can now after 3 visits raise my arm to being just below horizontal with my shoulder and with no pain at all and this success could have been far greater if I had not done a couple of silly things between visits (Moving a heavy wardrobe and then a reflex grab at a plate falling out of the fridge have not helped).

In my three visits to Trish the scepticism and apprehensiveness have disappeared and I have found her to be extremely easy to talk to and to be very encouraging in her endeavours to help you overcome your problems and discomforts.

This type of treatment works

Paul James